Image by Kimberly Farmer

Second Grade

Sponsored By: Mr. & Mrs. Matthew and Diane Clavin

Ms. Vogt

Miss Vogt started teaching at Sacred Heart in 2001. She grew up on a dairy farm near Effingham and went to Lake Land College and Eastern Illinois University.  

First, Miss Vogt taught seventh grade for ten years. Then in 2011, she moved to second grade. Like many teachers at SHS, she now has students in her class whose parents were former students. Miss Vogt's favorite subject to teach has always been math. She also enjoys teaching reading and cursive and preparing her students who are enthusiastic to receive the sacraments.

Recent Class News

A big THANK YOU to Matthew & Diane Clavin for adopting our classroom this year!

Meredith Probst, a Sacred Heart graduate, recently visited our classroom and taught the second grade about the five food groups.  After the lesson, the students were able to list the five food groups and sort foods into the correct group.  They greatly enjoyed the lesson.

Meredith Probst and Second Grade Class

Learning about the 5 food groups