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Sacred Heart School's basketball program begins in 4th grade for both boys and girls.

Sacred Heart has a successful history of their St. Pat’s basketball program and has made over 25 trips to the IESA State Tournament. The program emphasizes teamwork and good sportsmanship for all players & coaches. Sacred Heart feels that sports are not only important for a child’s physical & mental well-being, but also teaches several life lessons to go along with their private education, such as:

  • Setting and working towards goals

  • Hard work and accountability

  • Communicating with peers & authority figures

  • Building Confidence

All HOME games are played in Tower Hill at the Eye of the Tiger Sports complex - 103 East Benton, Tower Hill IL 62571.

In addition to basketball, Sacred Heart School co-ops with the Pana School District in Girl’s Volleyball, Boys & Girls Track and Cheerleading starting in 7th Grade.

2017 - 2nd Place, 8-1A

2016 - 2nd Place, 7-1A

2012 - 4th Place, 7-1A

2011 - 4th Place, 8-1A

2006 - 1st Place, 8-1A

1991 - 1st Place, 8A

Boys Basketball

Girls Basketball

2024 - 2nd Place, 8-1A

2023 - 2nd Place, 7-1A

2020 - 3rd Place, 7-1A

2012 - 4th Place, 7-1A

2008 - 4th Place, 8-1A

2007 - 2nd Place, 7-1A

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