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Our Mission

Faith - Family - Education

Sacred Heart School values Faith as the foundation of our children's lives. Sacred Heart School strives to instill everyday moral and ethical principles as our children learn and grow together. Sacred Heart School provides a quality education to our children, as they are our learners today and leaders tomorrow. 


Founded in 1887 by Fr. Ferdinand Stick, named in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by the Dominicans of Springfield, IL., this school is a place for the children of Saint Patrick's Parish and of the greater Pana Area, to be formed in the traditions of our Catholic Faith and educated to be the best students. We are blessed to have students from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.


130 years ago, a tradition of excellence was begun by Mother Agnes Maguire and the Dominican Sisters of Illinois. In a small wood-framed building behind St. Patrick’s Church, Sacred Heart School was initiated. From its inception, SHS has stressed academics as well as religion and fine arts.


This academic excellence is reflected in the numerous Valedictorians, Salutatorians, and National Honor Society students graduating from Pana High School that were SHS alumni. Sacred Heart School welcomes children of all denominations.

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